Chiropractic Testimonials

“I have had lower back pain problems off and on over the years. The pain recently became so severe, that I could barely get around. I couldn’t even do any exercise or yard work. I am happy to say that Dr.Paul really helped me.”

- Chris

"Dr. Cheryl explained to me how the spine works, and how to keep it healthy. My understanding of health and exercise changed dramatically. The best part is, within a few months of receiving regular adjustments I had no back pain at all."

- Amy

"I was so grateful for my friend’s referral to the San Diego Chiropractic Wellness Center."

- Lorenzo

"I had a great experience and I highly recommend it, especially for anyone who needs a DMV physical."

- Alexander

“Quick, easy, affordable, and quality. Highly recommended. Dr. Paul is a doctor that you can trust and he cares about his patients. There are other options, but I doubt that they are much better than he is. Clean office, simple and straightforward."

- James

"Went in for a required physical for an ambulance driver's license and Dr. Paul was great. You can tell he really knows his stuff. I learned stuff from him in 15 minutes that I never got from my doctor. Really cheerful and caring guy. I definitely recommend him.”

- Kelly

"I went here for a Commercial driver's license physical. I’ve had several physicals through the years, but this was my first one here. Dr. Paul was very thorough. Not only did he do the normal physical, but he also explained some issues about my back and how to correct them. None of the other clinics ever did that. Money well spent. I’ll definitely go there for the next physical."

- Nick & Rachel

"Dr. Cheryl’s Stretch and Strengthen class has been called 'Chicken soup for the body.'"

- Sharon

“#1 best local chiropractor ”

- Sean

"#1 San Diego Chiro."

- Rod

"Voted #1 best adjustor at the Static Hospital (Italy). 100% nonsurgical back pain care."

- Bill

“#1 family chiropractor”

- Heather

“#1 Healer”

- Michael


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