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Chiropractor San Diego CA Cheryl Borrego

A husband and wife team, Dr. Cheryl Borrego and Dr. Paul Trentalange have been practicing for over 30 years after graduating from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. In 1993, they established a San Diego clinic in Mission Valley, bringing the "lifetime of experience" they received from practicing in the largest and most prestigious chiropractic hospital in Italy. This hospital saw over 800 patients a day and doctors Borrego and Trentalange were two of only four chiropractic doctors on staff.

Dr. Borrego was the first and only woman chiropractor hired in the hospital's history. In four short years, the pair recorded more than 60,000 patient visits and was involved in the most comprehensive interdisciplinary chiropractic research of its kind. Dr. Borrego has studied and instructed modern dance for over 30 years, and she and Dr. Trentalange have been the chiropractors for the San Diego Dance Theatre. Dr. Borrego has taught her Floor Barre Class for more than 25 years in the dance community.

In addition, they've treated many national and international musicians, actors, and performers. Dr. Trentalange has been featured on Channel 8 for his development of Relaxation Centers: he raised venture capital to implement and subsequently patent the concept of self-care centers that provide consumers with numerous massage and relaxation technologies at a flat rate. As a wellness consultant, he's been featured in Chiropractic Economics and Massage Bodywork magazines.

Honors and Accomplishments

  • They're fully qualified to deal with any joint, bone, muscle, or nervous system problem.
  • He's an avid cyclist who participates in many charities and events such as the 600-mile Aids Ride, Multiple Sclerosis, and Breast Cancer rides. He and his family spend time riding together throughout the world.
  • Drs. Borrego and Trentalange have donated time and holistic services to impoverished citizens of Mexico.
  • They are members of the International Chiropractic Association.
  • Dr. Borrego received the prestigious President's Award from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.
  • She has taught yoga and pilates to students, dance instructors, and athletes, throughout San Diego for the past 25 years.
  • Both doctors are world travelers with global experiences.
  • The doctors' specialization of painless, state-of-the-art methods of healing has been a breakthrough for thousands in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Dr's Trentalange and Borrego are Certified Medical Examiners and have performed thousands of physicals for the Department of Transportation over the last 10 years.
  • Dr. Borrego has been a Functional Medicine Practitioner for the past 10 years.
  • Their goal at the San Diego Chiropractic Wellness Center is to provide the greatest relief and improved health in the shortest amount of time because "Your Health is Our Business!".
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